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     Incunabula are usually defined as books printed before the beginning of the sixteenth century. However, in this section, I will use the term to refer to printed books of whatever age which were designed to imitate the illuminated manuscript.

Missale Aboense Abckiria Apostol
William Caxton Croatian and Estonian Incunabula Danish Postal Ordinance
The Danish Rhymed Chronicle Dante Alighieri Delft Bible
Desiderius Erasmus First Printed Book in Finnish  First Book Printed in Greek
First Book Lithuanian Book Gudbrandsbiblia Johannes Gutenberg
Hungarian Illuminated Chronicle   Meshari Mexican Printing
Officina Medicamentorum Printing in Israel The Ritual of Zhou
Los Sinodales Franciszak Skaryna The Soncino Bible 
Swedish Incunabula Tirant lo Blanc Wastne Testament

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