Croatian and Estonian Incunabula

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Croatian Incunabula

The Gothic Latin script and the čakavian literary dialect were used to print the Lectionary of Bernardin of Split. It is an anthology of Scripture portions selected to be read at worship. Since they were intended for the use of the common people their language was used, though it was printed in Latin characters

SCN 281

     Spovid općena is a manual for confessors, originally written in Italian and translated into Croatian. Its Galgolitic version is the first Croatian book printed in the čakavian literary dialect. It is the only book printed in the Senj press with the so-called typographic symbol.

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     The oldest known publication in Estonian, a Lutheran Catechism, was printed in Lübeck, Germany, in 1525, and ordered destroyed by the Lübeck Town Council. The oldest partly extant Estonian publication, of 1535, is a Catechism by Simon Wanradt and Johann Koell. The stamp was issued as part of a nation-wide cultural event to mark the 475th anniversary of the publication of the first book in Estonian. October 19, 2001


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