Agricola's Abckiria

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The Cathedral School at Abo

     The Capitulum Ecclesiae Aboensis Schola Cathedralis was founded in 1276. The stamp, featuring the Seal of the Cathedral Chapter of Turku (Abo), was issued in 1976 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the foundation of the Chapter.

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Michael Agricola

     Michael Agricola (1508-1557) studied theology at the University of Wittenberg where he met Martin Luther and Philip Melancthon, and became an advocate of Lutheranism. On his return he became the rector of the Cathedral School, and Bishop of Turku  in 1554. He is considered to be the father and creator of written Finnish. In 1542 he published his "ABC book," a spelling book, to help the Finns to learn to read and write in their native language. The first part of the book is a primer and the second part is a catechism, which includes the commandments, the confession of faith, sacraments, and prayer. Around 1548 he published a translation of the New Testament into Finnish, Se Wsi Testamenti. Between 1551 and 1552 he also published a translation of about a quarter of the Old Testament.
     The stamp shows Oskari Jauhiainen's sculpture of Agricola (1951), and the cover of Agricola's Abckiria.

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