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 Dominican Republic 351-355

     There are several different kinds of errors on this stamp issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Pan American Union. One is a Drawing error; North America from the Mexican border with the United States to the coast of South America looks like a string bean.
    The second error is that the Equator bisects Central America. It should pass through the northern part of South America.
     There are also other errors: Vancouver Island seems to be attached to the mainland. Baha California is too small, as is Alaska. Cuba should be due south of Florida, and smaller. The island of Hispaniola, which is the location of the Dominican Republic should be due west of Cuba and closer, as well as smaller. The shape and location of the land masses in the Arctic are wrong. Hudson Bay and Newfoundland are missing. On the whole, one would have to say the whole hemisphere is very poorly drawn.

SCN 355

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