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Dominican Republic 111-119

     In 1900 the Dominican Republic issued a map stamp in which the border between the Republic and Haiti, which shares the island of Hispaniola, jutted approximately 50 miles into Haitian territory in the area of Lake Eriquillo and in the vicinity of La Citadelle, claiming possession of the Haitian town of Hincha. Protests by Haiti accomplished nothing until both countries agreed on a border in 1929.  The stamp design could be considered political propaganda rather than an error.

 SCN 118

Other related stamps
1924-Haiti 317 (identified the whole of the island as Haiti)
1928-Dominican Republic C1-C5 (boundary corrected)
1929-Haiti 321 Signing of treaty between DR and H-no map
1929-Dominican Republic 249-252 Signing of treaty between DR and H-small map with corrected map
1930-Dominican Republic C6-C9 (same as C1-C5)

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