A Monstrosity

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Dominican Republic 382

    The islands of Hispaniola and Cuba are outsize. Ireland is missing and Britain is drawn wrong, as is Denmark, the coast of France and Greece. The Mediterranian Sea is the wrong shape.

SCN 381

     "This monstrosity, on which non-map subjects are rife...." So the stamp is described by William R. Horney." Horney's comment is the source for a later description by Walter Klinefelter. "The all-time low in this catagory [ineptness] undoubtedly is the distressing effort made to present the partial world map that is to be found in the design of Dominican Republic A82 [Republic of Dominica 381], a cartographic monstrosity if there ever was one, for almost all of the detail laid down therein is inexact." The Carto-Philatelist II:1:10.

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