Scandinavian Flags

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Faroe Islands ~ 1947

     During World War II the Faroe Islands were under British protection. At this time they adopted a flag which had a red cross edged with blue on a white field, similar to the Norwegian flag, but with the colors re-ordered. Following the end of the war the Islands were restored to Denmark and in 1947 became a self-governing part of the Kingdom of Denmark. The flag was adopted by the Faeroese Lagting, and ratified by the Danish government. In 1959 the bright blue border of the cross was changed to azure.
     The stamp shows the colors of the stamp as they were when the flag was first adopted. The souvenir sheet commemorates the 50th anniversary of the flag called the Merki­, and shows the present colors.

SCN 22

SCN 207

┼land ~ 1954

     The ┼land Islands are a semi-autonomous, Swedish speaking, province in association with Finland. The flag of ┼land was adopted on April 7, 1954. It may only be displayed on land.