Scandinavian Flags

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Finland ~ 1863

     Finland was a part of the Kingdom of Sweden from 1154 until 1809. It was then ceded to Russia. The Finnish flag, white and blue for lakes and snow, was adopted first in 1863, the same year that Finnish was recognized as an official language of the country together with Swedish and Russian. Finland achieved her independence in 1917, and in 1918 adopted her flag.

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Iceland ~ 1915

     Iceland was ruled by Norway from 1264 until 1381, and until 1944 by Denmark. The flag adopted for use in home water only at first was adopted in 1915, and was approved by King Christian X of Denmark in 1919. The colors are a direct reversal of the colors of the Norwegian flag.

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     The merchant flag has the same colors and design, but has two points on  the free end or fly.

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