Stereograph Image


     In 1959 Dr. Bela Julesz created a stereographic image by displacing a portion of a picture of randomly arranged dots. In 1959 Christopher Tyler determined that the same effect could be created using a single random dot image. This became the basis for the MagicEye images and other random dot stereograms.
     The stereographic images can be seen by two techniques. In the first, place the stamp very close to your eyes and slowly move it away. Allow your eyes to focus gradually behind the surface of the stamp. The three dimensional image will appear. In the second, hold the stamp about twelve inches from your eyes and let your eyes go our of focus. TThe image will appear.
     The two stamps from Guernsey display stereographic images similar to the normal images on each stamp.
     To see the stereographic images focus your eyes behind the image, the image will appear to be in front of the background. Another way is to allow your eyes to cross slightly and focus in front of the image; then you appear to look through the background to see the image. It may take a bit of persistence, and a bit of time.

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