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     The Latin or Roman alphabet developed from Etruscan before 600 b.c. The Latin alphabet is used for languages that originated in  Europe (with the exception of some eastern European languages), and for other languages as well. J, and U, and W were differentiated from I and V. Z, and G were added.
     Additional letters are added to represent sounds that are perculiar to certain languages. Norwegian adds , , and for the o in got, the ai in air, and the i in bird, and, in addition, Icelandic adds and   to represent the th in the and the th in thin respectively.  In Spanish is the sound of ny, while in Portuguese o has the sound of a nasal ao. In French is a hissing sound. Some languages use accents or other diacritical marks to make other modifications.

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     The Latin script was used for inscriptions, and capital letters were easier to carve in stone. So, initially, Latin was written in captal letters as in the inscriptions. Only later did the lower case or miniscules develop.

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