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The Pharos (Lighthouse) of Alexandria

     The first lighthouse was built in 270 b.c. on the island of Pharos in the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt. It was destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century A.D.

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     The first Ruhnu Lighthouse was built in 1646. The present skeleton-style tower was built in 1844. Its height is 131 meters. It is located at 5748N 2316E

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     The lighthouse was built in Kunda harbor. It was an almost exact copy of the previous wooden lighthouse first built in 1896. Today the lighthouse is no longer used for navigation. It is located at 5931N 2632E.

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     The lighthouse was built in 1809 on the island of Vilsandi, at 5822N 2148E. In 1860 Fresnel dioptric glass prisms were installed.

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