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     In 1954 Curašao became a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, having previously been a colony. In 1986 Aruba achieved a separate status in the Kingdom and issued its own stamps. The stamp was issued in observation of the International Geophysical Year in 1957-1958.

SCN 241


     In 1994 a set of two stamps honoring the copper industry on the island of Cyprus was issued. The stamp below shows "an early map of Cyprus." Nothing more about the map seems to be known.

SCN 828

Danish Islands

     The island of Avernak° lies of the Southwest corner of the larger island of Fyn. Endelave is a few miles east, off the coast of central Jylland. Fej° lies to the Northeast of KragenŠs on the larger island of Lolland. Fur is in the Lin Fjord.

SCN 1022-1025

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