The Gaza Strip

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     The Gaza Strip is a narrow piece of land along the southern coast of Israel. It is about 25 miles long and 4 to 5 miles wide. After the Six Day War in 1967 it was occupied by Israel and administered by them. The population of the strip is over 600,000. About 60% are refugees from Israel, and over 99% are stateless Arabs from Palestine. Almost 60% of the population are employed in Israel.
     After long and difficult negotiations the Gaza Strip achieved some aspects of autonomy. Yasir Arafat arrived on July 1, and in 1995 elections were held to determine the leadership of the internal Palestinian state.
     The stamp shows the borders of the Gaza Strip with Israel, the major roads, and settlements. The city of Gaza at the north end of the Strip has a population of over 120,000, and is the principal city and administrative center.

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