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     "Explorers" is not a discrete catagory, and many who would qualify for this sub-topic appear elsewhere in the cartographic topic material.

Vitus Jonassen Bering

Eric de Bisschop

William Bligh

Louiis-Antoine de Bougainville John and Sebastian Cabot Cheng Ho

James Cook

Bartolomeo Dias Francis Drake
Dumont d'Urville   Flinders and Baudin
French Explorers

Vasco DaGama

La Perouse
Lapita People Sándor Csoma Korösis Gregory Langsdorff
Cavelier de La Salle

Lisbon Geographic Society

Marco Polo
Fernăo Magalhaes Francisco Antonia Mourelle Jacob Roggeveen
Rondon - Roosevelt Russian Explorers Ernest Shackleton
Spanish Explorers Swedish Explorers Pawel Edmund Strzelecki
Torres Strait Uruguay Amerigo Vespucci
  Ivo Visin