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Fiji 1005

     The longitudes across the top of the stamp read “178°30E 170°00´ 179°30´ 180°00´.” The same longitudes are repeated at the bottom of the stamp. The last longitude is further identified as the “International Date Line.” The longitude 2nd from the left is incorrect and should be “178°00´”
     A second error is a non-map error; the beetle is not the longest beetle in the world. It is either second or third behind Titanus giganteus and Xixuthrus heros.

    The beetle is not identified on the stamp, but is intended to be either Xixuthrus heros or Xixuthrus heyrovskyi. In articles in Zootaxa 777:1-10 and Friends of the Entomology Research Museum Newsletter No. 26 Summer 2005 pp. 6-8, Dr. Douglas Yanega (and others) have made it clear that there are three Xixuthrus species in Fiji: X. ganglbaueri, X. heros, and X. terribilis. The last has been most commonly (but incorrectly) known as Xixuthrus heyrovskyi, and is the species on the stamp.
     Thanks to Dr. Yanega for his help. Any errors are mine.

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