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Ethiopia C57-C59

     Ethiopia issued a set of four stamps with the same design in 1958 to mark the Conference of Independent African States at Accra, Ethiopia. The design includes a portrait of Haile Selassie I, Emperor of Ethiopia, pictures of the rock church at Lalibela and the Obelisk at Axksum, which was taken to Italy in 1937 and returned in 2005, and a map of Africa with the Independent African States, shaded white and numbered: 1. Ethiopia, 2. Sahara, 3. Egypt, 4. Libya, 5. Tunisia, 6. Morocco, 7. Liberia, 8. Ghana.


     The map of Morocco is not correct. It is too far down the slope of the northwestern curve of Africa on the map, while in fact it extends a little past the Strait of Gibralter.

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