Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry

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     In the 14th century illumination was supported by royal patronage. Jean, Duke of Berry (d. 1416) and his family sent illuminated volumes as wedding and birthday gifts to other members of his family. Tres Riches Heures de Duc de Berry was illuminated by the de Limbourg brothers, Pol Herman and Jean (end of the14th century and beginning of the 5th). Although it was begun in 1410 it was not finished until 1485, and by the French illuminator, Jean Colombe (1440-1493). 

     The scene on the French stamp is from folio 8, August,  of Tres Riches. It is the month of hawking. Nobles, including possibly de Berry, on gray horse, are going hunting, while in the background peasants are harvesting the crops and bathing in the river. The falconer has a long pole which he used to beat the bushes to disturb the birds. He also carries a lure at this belt to bring the hawks back after attacking the game birds.
     The illumination includes the Ch‚mpes d'Etampes which is not shown on the stamp. The Tres Riches Heures is one of the masterpieces of illumination. It is the archetype of the international Gothic style

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