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      Although this Estonian mini-sheet does not show much Finno-Ugric writing, I think it belongs in this topic.
     The mini-sheet issued in 1995 features Finno-Ugric or Uralic people, their culture, languages, and writing. The brown figure appears to be a large antlered animal with the various antler points identified with various groups of people, showing the relationship between them. The individual stamps are identified with the peoples on the points shown in that stamp.
       Top row-left to right: Saami
                                          Volga: Mordva, Mari
                                          Permi: Udmurdi, Komi
       Bottom row-left to right: Läänamere-Soome: Eesti, Vadia, Soome, Liivi, Isuri,
                                                                                    Kariala, Vepsa
                                          Samojeedi: Neenetsi, Eenetsi, Nganassaani, Solkupi,
                                          Ugri: Handi, Mansi, Ungari
     The relationships between the various languages and even between the larger groupings are frequently distant or unclear. Kamassi became extinct as spoken language in 1988.
     The artifacts on the stamps from top to bottom, left to right are: a drawing on a shaman's drum, a duck-shaped brooch, a duck-foot necklace, a Khanty band ornament with writing, a bronze amulet, and Karelian writing on birchbark.

SCN 295