Roar Ege

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     In 1962 archaeologists from the National Museum of Denmark began excavations in Roskilde Fjord where 5 old ships had been sunk to block the harbor from attack. As the ships were recovered reconstructions of numbers 1, 2, 3 were made. All of the ships were clinker-built with iron rivets in the 11th century.

     Skuldelev 3 is a coastal trading vessel, 9 to 12 meters long. Its replica  named, Roar Ege, was launched in 1984 and underwent its test sailing in NykÝbing Bay.
     In 2004 Denmark issued a set of four stamps marking the launching of Skuldelev 2, and 100 foot long Viking longboat. One of the stamps has a small map in the upper right-hand corner, and a picture of the Roar Ege The map shows how well the Roar Ege was able to sail against the wind (the arrow pointing to the lower right corner of the stamp) in its test sailing.

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