Gran Colombia ~ 1822-1830

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     The Republic of Colombia, formerly the Viceroyalty of Grenada, (1822-1830) included the greater part of the modern nations of Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Ecuador. It was organized at Congress of Cúcuta in 1821 following the successful war of liberation against Spain. Bolívar became president and Francisco de Paula Santander vice president. The constitution also called for a bicameral legislature elected from the three regions of the republic.
     The stamp from Venezuela shows the approximate borders of the Republic of Colombia and was issued in 1969 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of “Gran Colombia,” a name given to the republic by historians.

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     In 1929 Venezuela withdrew from the republic, Peru invaded Ecuador and  Colombian troops under Sucre defeat the Peruvians at the Battle of Tarqui.In 1961 Ecuador issued a set of three stamps with a map to commemorate the 132nd anniversary of the defeat of Peru in the battle of Tarqui.

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