Jean Fouquet 1415~1480

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     Jean Fouquet (1415-1480), the dates of his birth and death are approximate, was trained as an illuminator by Flemish-Bergundian masters, possibly the Limbourg brothers, the most famous of all late Gothic illuminators, who illuminated Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry.
Among the volumes illuminated by Fouquet are Antiquités Judaïques (about 1470) in the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; Histoire Ancienne (after 1470), in the Louvre; and Book of Hours of Etienne Cevalier (1453-1460), in the  Mussé  Condé at Chantilly.
      He was also a portraitist, architect, and painter of international reputation.
     The picture of Fouquet on the stamp is a self-portrait in enamel on copper, 140, now in the Mussé du Louvre in Paris.

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