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Estonia 78-79

     The stamp was issued in 1923, and reflects the territory of Estonia at that time. The line represent the state-owned railroads; the lake right side of the map is Lake Chudskoe or Peipus. The islands Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Muhumaa, and Vormosi are partially obscured by the numeral 2 of the post mark off the west coast of Estonia, and the black dot under the "I" of EESTI designates the capital Tallinn (Revel from 1219 to 1917).

SCN 78

Estonia 210

     Estonia is one of the three Baltic States which, with Lithuania and Latvia, achieved independence from the USSR in 1991. In the same year it issued this stamp, as one of a two stamp set, which shows a silhouette map of Europe with Estonia shaded green at 58N, longitude 26E. The inset map shows a silhouette map shaded green of Estonia with the location of Tallinn, the capital. indicated.

SCN 210