Discovery of the Western Hemisphere

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     The stamp shows a map similar to a woodcut map by Sebastian Münster, with Viking routes from Norway and Ireland to the Faroe Islands and Iceland. The one south from Norway along the coast of Europe marks the raids on the Netherlands and France from ca. 790 to 912. By 825 Vikings had reached the Faroe Islands which the colonized by 850. From there they went south to establish three Norse colonies in Ireland, and east to Iceland early in the ninth century.

SCN 81

     The stamp pictures a Viking ship, a map of the Atlantic with the presumed route of Leifr Eriksson to the North American continent in 1002 and 1008. Leifr and his brother Thorvald who accompanied him were the sons of Eric the Red of Norway who settled Iceland about 978-982, and then went on to Greenland in 985.
     The stamp was issued April 30, 1934 to mark the New York World's Fair in 1939. It was overprinted 1940 on April 30, 1940.

SCN 233