Diego Gutiérrez

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    The map of South America by Diego Gutierrez, cartographer in the Casa de la Contratación, was engraved by Hieronymus Cock at Antwerp, and published in Americae sive quartae orbis partis nova et exactissima descriptio in 1562. The legend at the bottom of the representation of the map recognizes the discovery by Orellana of the Amazon River to its source in 1841-1842. It also reflects Sebastian Cabot’s explorations. R.A. Skelton says the map was drawn by Diego’s son, Sancho.


     The Amazon River is shown in the serpentine form commonly displayed in all early maps. The estuary of the Plate River is exaggerated. There are no names on the stamp, though there are many features and names on the original. Tierra del Fuego is not shown.

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