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     Faroe 413 was issued in 2002 to commemorate Viking voyages on the North Atlantic. There are two cartophilatelic items on the souvenir sheet, the map and the sun compass.
     The map is a portion of the Skalholt map by Sigardur Stefansson of Iceland in 1579, based on a copy by Bishop Thordur Thorlaksson around 1669.
     Another reconstruction of a "sun compass" is in the stamp on the left. The instrument is based on a partial disk found in Greenland in 1948 by C. L. Vebęk of Denmark. The device is held with the disk parallel to the ground. It is rotated until  the tip of the sun's shadow falls on a curve marked on the disk; the pointer then points North.

SCN 413

Faroe Islands 221

     This stamp was issued in 1991 to illustrate celestial navigation. The star map shows how to locate Polaris, the North Star, using the "pointer stars" of the Big Bear or Big Dipper. Today the earth's axis points within 1° of Polaris. It will be closest to the celestial pole in 2105-2127.
     Because the North Star is not affected by the variation in the magnetic field, it can be used to correct the magnetic declination.

SCN 221

     In the 16th century the nocturnal was invented to tell the local time at night, using the relationships between Polaris and the pointers or the guards of the Little Bear.