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     The stamp issued by French West Africa in 1958 has a map of Haute Volta (Upper Volta), and a picture of Moro Naba (Emperor) Sagha. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of the restoration of Upper Volta as a united French colony after 15 years of being divided between Côte d'Ivoire, Soudan, and Niger. The colony of Upper Volta took its name from the Volta River.
     On the map the Black Volta is on the west, the Red Volta and White Volta are in the middle. In addition there is a short river on the West and 4 rivers on the eastern border of Upper Volta. Six towns and a railroad from Ouagadougou through Bobo Dioulasso and Benfora are also indicated.
     Moro Naba Sagha was the 35th in the line of Emperors of the Mossi people, going back to Moro Naba Ouédraogo, "the Stallion," in 1132. a.d.
     Upper Volta became an autonomous French republic in 1958, and achieved total independence in 1960. In 1983 it took the name Burkina Faso which means "the country of honorable men."

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