South Dakota

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The Road to Statehood

     Between the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and Statehood in 1889 the area that was to become South Dakota was a part of several territories. In 1812 the portion of the Louisiana Territory that did not become the state of Louisiana was  renamed, Missouri Territory. Missouri became a state in 1821, and the remainder became Iowa Territory in 1838.

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     After Iowa became a state in 1846, the remainder became Minnesota Territory in 1849. Minnesota became a state in 1855.


     Kansas and Nebraska Territories were established in 1854.

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     In 1861 James Buchanan established Dakota Territory. The territory was reduced in 1864 by the creation of Montana Territory, and in 1868 by the creation of Wyoming Territory. In 1889 North and South Dakota became states on November 2, Montana, on November 8, and Washington on November 11.

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     The 1939 stamp design was sketched by President F. D. Roosevelt, and because of a resemblance to washing hanging on a line it became known as the “clothesline” stamp.

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     The 1989 stamp was designed by Marian Henjum, a South Dakota artist.

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