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Reinhold & Roll ~ 1586

     "The globe clock of 1586 was designed by Johannes Reinhold and Georg Roll of Augsburg. It is made of brass and copper covered with gold leaf, and is 56.5 cm high with a diameter of 20.5 cm. It contains a small terrestrial sphere below a large celestial sphere, all crowned by a small armillary sphere and surrounded by a movable calendar ring. The celestial sphere depicts 49 constellations."

Robin Cook, Loc cit.

SCN 1404

Weigel ~ 1690

     The heraldic celestial globe of 1690 was designed by Erhard Weigel, a mathematics professor from Jena. it is 59cm high with a diamer to 27.5 cm, and is made of brass covered with copper foil. It contains a system of rings representing the equator, a meridian, the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and other circles. Replacing the ususal Ptolemaic constellations are the coat-of-arms of Saxony and other heraldic images

SCN 1407

Robin J. Wilson, Stamping Through Mathematics,
New York: Springer, 2001, p. 40.

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