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Mali 58

     In 1964 the Republic of Mali issued three stamps commemorating the formation of the Organization Internationale Contre le Criquet Migrateur Africain, (International African Migratory Locust Organization).
     The Locusta Migratoria Migratoriodies, the African Migratory Locust, has been a problem for centuries. (This is the locust mentioned in Exodus.) In 1962, 21 African countries formed the OICMA to control the locust. The words at the bottom of the stamp, “Aire d’invasion du croquet migrateur Africain” (area of the invasion of the African migratory locust), refer to the map showing the spread of the locust invasion from 1928 to 1942 in darker green. There are two errors on the stamp. The first is the misspelling of “Locusta” as “Logusta. The second is “Kara,” which does not exist at the marked location unless it is a misspelling for “Kabara.”

SCN 58

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